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addresses today's challenges for a better future for all.

Corporate-Free and Realitor Free Campaigns

At the heart of Jamin Pursell's approach is a commitment to grassroots activism, striving relentlessly from local levels to federal governance to cultivate politics marked by transparency, accountability, and a staunch stance against corruption. By eliminating the sway of substantial financial influences, especially from corporate sectors that dilute progressive ideals, we can reinstate the integrity of our political system. Jamin Pursell champions candidates such as Barbara Lee, who are paragons of campaigns free from corporate influence, not sullied by concealed funding from areas like the oil industry and police associations that are at odds with our objectives. A fundamental aspect of our mission is the repeal of Citizens United, acknowledged as a critical step toward achieving authentic democracy.

Enviromental Justice

Jamin Pursell and Democrats United for Progress are dedicated to tackling today's environmental issues with creative and effective strategies. Our efforts are centered on fighting climate change and bolstering the resilience of communities. We emphasize the importance of eco-friendly transportation options that lower carbon emissions and champion fair and equitable environmental policies, ensuring that every community, especially those most at risk, gains from our green initiatives. Leading our agenda are the promotion and implementation of green programs and the Green New Deal, aiming for a future where economic development and environmental care are harmoniously balanced.

Human Rights

Jamin Pursell, alongside Democrats United for Progress, is steadfast in advocating for human rights, acknowledging the rich tapestry of diverse identities and experiences. The goal is to establish a single-payer healthcare system, ensuring that every individual has access to medical care. Jamin is an ardent supporter of disability rights, aiming to promote inclusivity and accessibility in every aspect of society. Recognizing the interrelation of various social issues, we must all be strong advocates for reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and gender equality, upholding the principle that bodily autonomy is an essential human right critical to a just and equitable society.

Jamin's commitment extends to supporting racial inequities, particularly those affecting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities. Methods that were created to address systemic racism, like affirmative action, reparations, land back initiatives, and Indigenous rights movements, are under attack. Further, Jamin advocates the vital role of unions in defending workers' rights, underscoring our comprehensive approach to progressive policy-making and societal change.

Equity and Social Justice

Jamin is dedicated to forging a society grounded in true equity and social justice. Central to their mission is the focus on education, promoting universal pre-K, tuition-free college, and broader access to trade schools to dismantle inequality and uplift future generations. As a champion of community-centric public safety strategies, theyare resolute in our commitment to demilitarizing the police, upholding the belief that public safety should not compromise civil liberties or disrupt community unity.

They recognize the critical role of strong communities and actively supporting measures for effective rent control, development of affordable housing, and extensive assistance for the unhoused, including opposition to unjust cause evictions. Additionally, we push for the forgiveness of student loans, acknowledging the hindrance of educational debt on economic advancement and social mobility. Our vision is to shape communities where safety, education, and housing are fundamental rights, available to everyone, thereby establishing a foundation for a society that is equitable, inclusive, and just.


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