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Introducing ourselves

For Democratic Party of Contra Costa County Central Committee, District 1

Why I am running for  District 1, DPCCC Central Committee

I am running for the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County Central Committee, District 1, with a deep-seated commitment to bring progressive change and inclusive policies to our community. My background as a political activist, organizer, and skilled in policy and communication, bolstered by academic foundations in Political Science, Philosophy, and Law, equips me with a unique blend of practical and theoretical expertise. My approach to politics is rooted in community engagement, focusing on environmental sustainability, public safety, and enhancing democratic participation at the grassroots level. As a small business owner, I embody the values I champion - sustainability, inclusivity, and ethical practices - ensuring that my professional endeavors align with my political philosophy. My candidacy represents not just a position, but a promise to integrate progressive ideals into tangible actions and policies that resonate with the needs and aspirations of District 1's diverse community, making me an ideal representative for the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County County Central Committee.

District 1, Democratic Party of Contra C

The values I bring to District 1, Democratic Party of Contra Costa County Central Committee


Transparency in Politics

A strong advocate for transparency in politics, Jamin is committed to holding government officials accountable for their actions and promoting fair and transparent elections. Their dedication lies in the fight against corruption in government, ensuring that the voices of the people are heard, and actively supporting voter registration efforts.


Environmental Sustainability

Committed to promoting environmental sustainability and safeguarding our planet for future generations, Jamin believes in the urgent need for action to combat climate change and advance the use of renewable energy sources.


Human Rights

A strong advocate for human rights, Jamin prioritizes healthcare for all, reproductive rights, and LGBTQ+ rights. They firmly believe in ensuring access to quality healthcare for everyone and in combating discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community, promoting a more inclusive society.


Social Justice

A passionate advocate for social justice and equality, Jamin is unwavering in their dedication to combating racial inequality and building an inclusive society that respects every individual, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Endorsed by

Elected Officials

Community Leaders

Marisol Rubio

City Councilmember, City of San Ramon

Eduardo Martinez

Mayor, Richmond City Council

Claudia Jimenez

Vice Mayor, Richmond City Council

Melvin Willis

City Councilmember, City of Richmond

Doria Robinson

City Councilmember, City of Richmond

Cameron Sasai

Vice Mayor, City of Pinole

Devin Murphy

City Councilmember, City of Pinole

Erin McFerrin

President, Mt. Diablo Unified School District

Keisha Nzewi

Trustee, Mt. Diablo Unified School District

Susana Williams

Co-Chair, Our Revolution East Bay

Ady Olvera

Director, Democratic Party of Contra Costa District 4

Anita Johnson

President, Mount Diablo Education Association

Janet Johnson

Co-Coordinator, Sunflower Alliance

Roxanne Carrillo-Garza

Vice President, Diablo Valley Democratic Club; Measure X Community Advisory Committee

Michelle Simone

Deputy Director, Contra Costa Democratic Party District 4

Laura Patch

Secretary, Young Democrats of Contra Costa County; Secretary, Diablo Valley Democratic Club

Ena Silva

Executive Board Member, Our Revolution East Bay

LaTanya Johnson

Co-Convener Executive Board, Concord Communities Alliance

Alfred Twu

Delegate, Assembly District 14 at California Democratic Party

Gordon Miller

California Alliance for Retired Americans

Alex Rubio-Talavera

Board Member, Women’s and Disability Rights; Community Organizer; College Student

Leslie Baxter

Member, Concord Communities Alliance; Community Volunteer

Andrea Altman

Community Activist; Concord Resident

Pablo Benavente

Senior Political & Government Relations Manager; Concord Resident

Steven Falk

UC Berkeley Goldman School Faculty Member

Honey Mahogany

San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee, and former chair of SF DCCC, and District 6 candidate from 2022

Titles are for identification purposes only.

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